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migrating xp Hard Drive to windows 7 machine

The motherboard in my XPS 400 xp machine died and I want to migrate the HD to my new XPS 8100 Windows 7 machine. I want the data from the xp HD, but obviously can't use Easy Transfer because the xp machine is dead.  Can I just install the old HD as a second HD in the new machine?  Will Windows 7 recognize the xp HD, and can I get my data off of it?  The xp drive has the OS on it, so, that might help.



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Re: migrating xp Hard Drive to windows 7 machine


Yes, you can install the XPS 400 hard drive as a secondary drive in the XPS 8100 and transfer only the files and folders you wish to save, all programs and applications must be reinstalled from their discs, or downloaded from the publisher's website, providing they are compatible with Windows 7

After the files/folders have been transfered, you could format the drive and use it as additional storage or backups.



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Re: migrating xp Hard Drive to windows 7 machine

If you have your XP install discs, you can temporarily install the old HD in the new PC and run a repair install to bring the XP install back to life and afterwards use Easy Transfer to export your old files.

Just a thought.

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