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nVidia Mediashield Driver patch R164975 Ver 6.99, A06

Does anyone know how to apply a Dell reccomended driver patch for nVidia Mediashield?

I have an XPS 720 running two SATA 500 GByte drives in Raid 0 configuration. I have been applying Dell reccomended dirver updates one of which is an update to the nVidia Mediashield that consists of two components. One to the Mediashield application and the other to the Driver. They are designated as R164977 and R164975 respectively.

The Mediashield application update applied successfully with no problems, but the driver patch does not seem to have been applied - or at least I cannot tell if it has been applied. Details of the R164975 update can be found on the Dell website here: <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

I followed the install instructions and can see that the self extracting file downloaded was successful and ran to unpack itself into the directory C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R164975. Then nothing happens. There is no "HTML Pop-Up With Install Now Button" as mentioned in the install instructions.

Looking at the C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R164975 directory, I can see there is a subdirectory called 699RAID32 and in this directory are 8 files but none are of the type "setup.exe" to iniate the install.

There is a file called nvraid.inf which I beleive is a install file and if I right click on it there is an Install option in the menu. Selecting it flashes the window but nothing else seems to happen. There is no install process that seems to run and I don't quite know how to check if the driver was updated.

I am now getting regular "Blue Screen of Death" 0x0000008E errors which could be due to this driver.

I have tried to Email Dell support for assistance, but every time I try all I ever get is a 500 - Server Processing Error and I have never been successful in initiating an online chat with a technician.

Any ideas?

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