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old speaker system to new pc

I have a new Inspiron 3252 an older Harman Kardon HK595 speaker system.  On the back of the pc the jacks are, pink (mic), green, and blue.  The three wire cable coming from the speaker system (sub-woofer) are, black, green, yellow.   I have no idea how to hook them up so they work.  I just get a loud squeal out of the speakers.  I would think there's an easy fix for this.  If not, do I have to buy a new speaker system?



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RE: old speaker system to new pc

HK595 speaker system is basic analog Stereo speakers.  They go to the Green Jack,  End of story.

Any other issues are with the actual speaker system.

Ac Power in.

Then Green speaker cable to Green Jack on PC.

Left and Right Speaker have their own jacks.

The volume for the system is on one speaker.  Left and Right are NOT interchangeable.  You must put them in the correct Jack.

Dell , 7356T , Kit, Speaker, 110V 60Hz, HK595

You do not use the Multi Channel input cable (this is for VERY OLD sound cards) you use the Green to Green Stereo input cable directly to the PC.


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