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on board High Speed data port


I was wondering if I could get some technical support.

I was using the system with the on board factory high speed data port, which connects to the cat 5 wire.

The next day the system would not connect to the internet. I checked the Cat 5 wire by hooking up my lap top and it works fine.

Usually when I have the ct 5 wire hooked up, the high speed data port has a little green light on it  lit up. Now that little green light is yellow.

I thought I could just hook up another high speed data port. So I opened the case and put in another high speed data port.  That doesn't work either and it doesn't light up.

QUESTION is there a way to turn on and off the ion board data port?  I think the non factory high speed data port just automatically works.

Anyone know how to turn on and off the on board

Thanks  scott burry

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RE: on board High Speed data port

Nobody can help possibly you unless you post the exact PC model and version of Windows...


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RE: on board High Speed data port

The link status LED on the ethernet changes to indicate speed.

Speed indicator:

  • Amber on – Operating as a Gigabit connection (1000 Mbps)

  • Green on – Operating as a 100-Mbps connection.

  • Off – Operating as a 10-Mbps connection.



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