operating system of dell precision T1600


I've lost the installing CD of my dell Precision T1600

The pc borned with Windows 7 Pro 32 bit

How can I download the installing cd? Or Can I ask a copy ?


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RE: operating system of dell precision T1600

If you are using Dell Factory settings you can follow the instructions to make Windows 7 Recovery Media using Dell Backup and Recovery:


You can't Download Windows 7 as the .isos were removed in February however you can Download Windows 10 TH2 which will accept your Windows 7 OEM Key printed on your COA allowing for a direct Clean Installation:


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RE: operating system of dell precision T1600

sorry but I can't install windows 10 because my application is not compatible with windows 10.


is not possible to have a old version of the cd?

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RE: operating system of dell precision T1600

You can find the Dell Oem version on Ebay.

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