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optiplex 3010 alert previous fan failure - even after replacing fans

Hello, I'm curious if there is a way to hack the bios or motherboard somehow to allow the system to boot without having to press F1 to continue every time.  We have two Optiplex 3010's in our organization that claim Alert!  Previous rear fan failure, press F1 to continue!.  All of the fans inside the system are running normally.  We've swapped the CPU fan and the front case fan from other working Optiplex 3010's and the message still appears.  It does not seem like the motherboard is sensing the fan's properly.  It's a shame because otherwise the motherboard functions normally and the systems work as expected.

These are the mini Optiplex 3010 systems (not full tower) with the laptop style pop out CD Rom drive.

Is there a way in the BIOS to disable this message, and if so, which screen is it on?

Thank you for your assistance!

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RE: optiplex 3010 alert previous fan failure - even after replacing fans

If you put the fan(s) from the "problem" system into the one of the other 3010 systems do you get that same fan error? In that case, the fan(s) has to be replaced. You need Dell OEM fans because they have a sensor BIOS has to read. Non-Dell fans don't have the sensor and will give the same fan error.

Did you try running the fan diagnostics? Reboot the problem system and immediately press F12. Look for option to run Diagnostics and run the fan tests.  If it reports problems with the fan(s) from the working 3010, it's a motherboard issue.

If no diagnostic fan failures with the working fans, you can try resetting BIOS on the problem system to clear the error message:

Reboot and immediately press F2 to open BIOS setup. Copy down all current settings, to be safe. Then power off, unplug and press/hold power button for ~15 sec. Open case and remove motherboard battery. Press/hold power button for ~30 sec. Reinstall the battery (a fresh one if this one is old). Close up and reboot.

If you're lucky that will clear the fan error. If you still get the fan error, then it likely is a motherboard issue and it may have to be replaced.

If you get any other error, aside from the fan error, when you reboot after clearing BIOS, reboot and press F2 to open setup. Make sure all settings match what you copied before you reset BIOS. And save any changes before exiting setup.


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RE: optiplex 3010 alert previous fan failure - even after replacing fans

I have this problem, fan is perfect, have you got a solution other than replacing parts and spending $$$ ?

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