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optiplex 7040 no blu ray drive?

work gave me a new machine. I dumped some blu ray disks to get the machine read for use and discovered dell does not make any internal drive that can read a blu ray disk?

parts told me to go buy an external drive?

how is this even possible to not support blu ray?

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RE: optiplex 7040 no blu ray drive?

Blue Ray is a fading technology not used much in business-oriented systems.  Some computer manufacturers never supported it (Apple).

Depending on the form factor (full tower, mini, micro), you may be able to install an internal blue-ray drive, but the external will work just as well if you cannot install an internal drive.

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RE: optiplex 7040 no blu ray drive?

Guess the boss doesn't want you watching movies on the job. emoticon.Stickouttongue.title


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RE: optiplex 7040 no blu ray drive?

Blue ray wasn't on any Apple but It has been supported 3RD party for years.


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