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problems with xps 1530 and also the technical staff, what should i do now???

hey! i had purchased the xps1530 on in  end sept '09.

till april of this year i had no problems wat soever.

But then the probelms started arising.

The service calls are as follows and resulted in the hcange of the following parts:

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1.       speaker,  motherboard - issue wid speaker

2.        wireless (motherboard) and speaker - issue with wireless and speaker

3.       motherboard, Heat sink - issue with heat and computer goin off

4.        heat sink - issue with heat

5.       motherboard n heat sink - issue with heat

All    these problems startes from feb... and since the happening on a regular basis, especially the overheating issue and I dont even play games, max... would juss use photoshop elements, thats bout it... and nothin else....

all   the time i call the technical support they 1st update the bios and temme everythin would be fine... but i would generally end up callin em back after 2-3 days stating that the problem is yet there.... then they would explain to me n stufff..... and when i say wat if it happens again... they say "i assure you the problem wouldnt happen again" but guess wat the problem does arise again.

No  Now i wanted to know what can i do with regard to this, coz this is gettin really frustrating and annoying, didnt expect somethin like this from a dell laptop or their technical stafff....


An    Any suggestion or advice???

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