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processor upgrade

I have a inspiron 529s with a core 2 duo E4300 processor and want to upgrade to a core 2 quad q8200. I put in the new processor and got an amber light on the start button instead of blue, and a no signal from the monitor. The BIOS has the most recent version and there is no place in the setup to change CPU settings any help out there?

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Re: processor upgrade

It is obvious then that that processor will not work. In order for a system to use a processor the motherboard must support it, the chipset must support it and most importantly the bios must be programed to recognize it.

So the motherboard is a Dell designed system as such it is not standard and designed to thier spec.

The chipset while it may have a standard number again it is Dell'd to their design spec. The bios will be the same.

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Re: processor upgrade

I don't think you can upgrade to a quad, you can go with the best of the core 2 duo but no quad.

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Re: processor upgrade



As Mars1100 said you will not be able to upgrade to a quad.  The Inspiron 530 comes with two different motherboards.  A G33m02 for duo and a G33m03 for quad.  The major difference between the boards is power regulation.  Since you have a core 2 duo your motherboard will not support a quad.  Sorry.

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