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"My Dell" will not Install to connect to Dell Support

For my Dimension 3000 Desktop, When I try to install "My Dell" at


Then aulauncher.exe runs & a popup says there are no new updates, and then

when I click on "My Dell" on the START all programs list a "My Dell" flag appears briefly, then I get ...

"My Dell has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

So, how do I get "My Dell" to install correctly so as to get support?

I have tried to UNinstall "My Dell" & REinstall it ... to no avail. Is there an alternative?

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Mary G
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RE: "My Dell" will not Install to connect to Dell Support

You can connect to Dell Support without My Dell. Sign into "My Account"  and it will take you to your Products and Services with the same info. Here's the Sign in page for your acct.

My Dell was not included with your old Dimension 3000. It might not be compatible. You had a link to Dell Support. Are you sure you have a Dimension 3000 from 2005? Dell has an Inspiron 3000 now--just to confuse the issue. If it is an Inspiron, you might still be under warranty. Your account page will let you know/

Edit--Your old computer is no longer under warranty, so you have to use the web site to find support help yourself. Plenty of self help available, including this forum.

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