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"System battery low"?

I recently removed the system battery and replaced it after a few minutes, since then I'm getting the "System battery is low" at boot up, did not have this issue before, do I need to reset something? I have a XPS 600, Pentium D CPU 3.00Hz, 2.00 GB RAM. Windows XP Pro Media Edition, V2002, SP2.

 Any Ideas?


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Re: "System battery low"?

The system battery is just a cheap coin cell battery cr2032 that you can get at any jewelry counter in a discount store. Go ahead and replace it and make sure it is installed correctly. Directions here: 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

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Re: "System battery low"?


Try replacing the battery, you need a 3-V CR2032 lithium coin cell, this can be purchased from a Radio Shack, WalMart, or most pharmacies, etc.

You could also, try clearing the Event Log in the system setup.



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Re: "System battery low"?

Record all SETUP data before proceeding

The battery has to be replaced as per instruction show under the link posted in one of the answer (pictures included) or simply remove the battery read what kind it is and replace it with the same kind (CR####) . After removing the old battery, but before you install new battery locate the little round (white) button on the main board near the battery (on some board could be a jumper) and press it (if this is a jumper change the position and after few seconds put it back to the same state). Install new battery. It is important - i did change the battery, but the message was still there. Of course it is pain because it not only appears when you start up computer after shut down, but also after restart, and hibernation. Only when it not appears is when you put computer into "stand" by mode, but of course every touch of the mouse activates the system.

After the button is presed (or jumper switched) after the old battery is removed, and new one is installed, message will not appear.

One more think. This battery does not recharge, so be ready after some time to do it again.

Put all SETUP setting back when start up the computer again.





Below the same in polish

"System battery voltage low" w komputerach DELL

Jezeli sie pojawi powyzszy komunikat (start, re-start, hibernacja), nalezy:

- zapisac ustawienia SETUP (zazwyczaj F2 przy starcie komputer)

- otworzyc komputer

- znalesc mala okragla baterie (CR####) i kupic druga

- wyjac stara baterie i odnalesc maly guziczek na plycie glownej niedaleko bateri (na niektorych plytach zworka) poczym nacisnac go, lub zmienic na chwile pozycje zworki i po pary sekundach powrocic do originalnej pozycji.

- zainstalowac nowa baterie.

- przy pierwszym uruchomieniu wprowadzic do SETUP wszystkie ustawienia jak byly przed operacja

Pamietaj: ta bateria sie nie laduje tak wiec po jakims czasie trzeba operacje powtorzyc


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