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"preparing automatic repair" XPS 8930 desktop

My xps 8930 i7 (new) is stuck on "preparing automatic repair" and stays there even after several reboots and several goes via the recover os assist option. We turned the desktop on today and this problem occurred, it was working ok yesterday. The only thing that was different was I added some firewall rules to the sky router which I have since removed and the same problem persists. I have also tried going to windows recovery from os assist and that hangs with "Please wait".
I have already run Running the ePSA diagnostics - no issues and I have already run recoveryassist OS - this found and fixed a problem with the partition, but the same issue occurs.
I did not receive a windows install CD with this. Is my only option to reset to factory settings ? I hope not.



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RE: "preparing automatic repair" XPS 8930 desktop

You could use Microsoft's Media Creation Tool to repair your Windows 10 OS.

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