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Hi Chris,

Just curious if you may be able to pass this up the line.

I got a Dell E6400 Latitude, as mentioned above, and I'm a bit more of a Linux fan. But, as you know, most Dell's at the time of this production model, came with Win Vista.

Anyway, I formatted it and put Linux Mint 17 on the system. I've got everything running smoothly.

The only issue I have is finding or compiling the driver package.

A friend used to have the same PC and he sent me the paste that he put together.

SoundMAX v6.10.5491 32bit INF - cc: "ADI 198x" etc.


Any chance, anyone in the Dell Community may be able to help with this? I'll be working on it in the meantime, but I've found nothing much by scouring the web or the Linux forums.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

I can provide service tag info etc if needed.

Happy Holidays,

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RE: Dell Latitude E6400 Sound Drivers

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As you have a laptop, best to post this in the Laptop Forum here:




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