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I have an older dell dimension XPS I have two dell monitors for a dual monitor system.  I purchased the second monitor because the first one was knocked over on to the floor by my grandson.  Soon there after I would get like small stars or snow invading the screen.  It would continue to invade until you could not see the screen.  I naturally thought it was the monitor.  However, after I purchased a new dell monitor the same thing happened.  When it happens sometimes you can switch views and it goes away and then comes back.  

The operating systems is microsoft windows xp home (os version 5.1.2600) service pack 3, Intel pentium (R) 4 CPU.

This is an old server from 2003 with 160 GB hard drive & a 160 WD GB passport HD, total memory 2046MB, speed 333MHz

Is there any way to fix this problem or should I give this up and buy a new one which I plan on in the near future?

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Re: snow

It could be your video card. Try the monitors on another computer to help pin down where the problem is.

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