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vertical slimline DVD in T3600

I just got a T3600 workstation, and it's got a vertical slimline DVD drive.

Thus far I've not been able to make it work.

I've not found any tabs on the drive, and so I just hold a disc against the tray with my fingers, and slide it in.  When I do so, I hear a repeated low buzzing sound for a few seconds, and Windows 7 does not pick it up.  I've tried both CD and DVD data discs, with no success.

I've never used a vertical drive before, and am wondering if I'm missing something basic.

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Hi User387,

Call Dell and explain the problem. If there are no tabs, that drive would not seem to support vertical operation. You might want to provide the model number of the drive.

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Windows Device Manager reports the following description for the DVD drive:


This is a drive made by LiteOn.

The labelling on the front of the drive indicates that it is intended to be mounted vertically.  But there are no retaining clips or tabs that I can see, and it doesn't seem to work in practice.

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Sorry but I can't find any information to indicate whether that drive can be operated in the vertical position. Have you tried setting the case on its side and checking that the drive works?

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The T in T3600 is for 'Tower'. The optical drive is vertical by default when the unit is in it's regular vertical position.

Pretty much every picture Dell has of a T3600 shows it in tower (vertical) format, and the online setup guide shows it in vertical position.

The vertical positioning should allow the optical drive to work just fine.

I'd suggest to check in the bios if the sata port is detecting the drive (or maybe the sata port is disabled). If all the sata ports are turned on, but it still will not see the optical drive, you may want to reseat/check the power and sata cables to the drive.

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