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video card recomendations plz.

Hey all.

I have an xps 400 with an nvidia 7800 gtx 256mb card.  Could anyone with more knowledge of video cards than myself recommend a decent upgrade?  The part that's confusing me is the power requirements for the higher end cards.  More info if needed, pentium d 2.8/ 3 gigs ram.  Stock power supply, whatever that might be.  Thanks for helping.

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Hi askplato, Yuo wont have any problems upgrading to a better card, such as the nVidia 9600 series, your manual says you have an 375w PSU. Card manufactors always over state their power requirements for their cards, and Dell under state their power requirement of their PSU's. You wont need any RAM, if your sitting with 3GB.


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Thank you RobinBredin, that was very helpful.

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