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what is it with dell and nvidia

i have been looking at a dell desktop with a phenom II x4,,,,but when i go to configure video card,,,no options...just a ati card....what is it with dell and nvidia, and why cannot dell have nvidia as a has problems. with giving the comsumer options...espically video it too much work to have a nvidia card next to the ati and stick it in the slot.....i sort of wonder about the ones at dell that makes decisions like this...they are not thinking about the consumer.

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Re: what is it with dell and nvidia

As far as I know its probably contractual obligations.  AMD/ATI probably have contracts to put their processors and gfx cards in one machine and Nvidia has contacts with dell to put their cards in different machines.  Thats why you wont find some combinations of cards and processors unless you build it yourself.  Its all about the politics!

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