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will this work with my XPS420?

as above i wish to upgarde my graphics card in my dell xps with the one below

ATI Radeon HD 5770 XXX Edition 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

Thing is , it says it needs 500w to run and from what i found on google the xps420 has a 425w psu. So does that need to be replaced as well or do you think the graphics card will run all okay?

Thanks for a speedy reply.

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Re: will this work with my XPS420?

GENERALLY but not always the specs on video cards tend to be higher than actually is needed.  Plus Dell tends to underrate their power supplies.  Given the two I would say it will work OK unless you are a heavy gamer.  The worst thing that would probably happen if it did overload the power supply is that the power supply would kick off like a circuit breaker and need resetting (in technical terms "crowbar" because of overload) and if that happens then a new power supply would be needed to continue using the video card, and I would go for at least a 650 watt in this case.

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Re: will this work with my XPS420?

right. Thanks for that.

I do not game ever if i am honest, however when my kids stay over on a weekend they occasionally use it for Fors Racing 3 and Need for Speed but thats usually only for an hour tbh with you.

Other than that no gaming or online gaming is done on the pc.

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Re: will this work with my XPS420?

I was using an XFX HD 5770 in my XPS 420 for some time before I decided to upgrade the power supply.  I had no problems with power (as far as I know *smile*), but then started to think about upgrading to an HD 5850, so upgraded my power supply.  I'm not a gamer, either, but I do stream a lot of video on a 1920X1200 monitor (full screen), and the HD 5770 has been great for that.  If I do get more into gaming (which I'm considering *smile*), then I'll get the HD 5850...hopefully it will come down in price some at some point.

You can go out on the internet and see what the power consumption of the HD 5770 actually is at idle and at maximum...and remember that most of the graphics card benchmarks and reviews out there quote the full system power, not just the graphics card power.  So read the test setups carefully to understand how their test computer compares to yours power-wise, and see if they're quoting just card power or full system power.  A lot of the test systems I've seen are also overclock their processors, which means that they're using more power than you will with the same system (unless you're overclocking as well).  There are also power consumption calculators out there that can be helpful.

Just one clue, if you do decide to upgrade your power supply, take a look at the "modular" power supplies, since you typically end up with a lot less cables to manage.  And the whole power supply upgrade process is easier, since you're not wrestling with cables when you first fit in the power supply, you just add them in as you need them.


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Re: will this work with my XPS420?

You need to make sure Which power supply You have in your system. The 420 came with either a 375 or 425w power supply. The most determining factor was the selection of the graphics card installed when the system was ordered. You may have to open the case and look at the supply itself to determine which one you have


IF you have the 425w you might be OK depending on what you plan on doing as well as what else you have in your system.

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