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windows temp files

My system is a 8100 windowsME, I have heard a lot of discussion on temp files,
I know that disk space and resource can be gain by deleting temp files, will any
significant amount of memory be gain by deleteing the temp files.If someone has
info on this ,please post. thanks

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RE: windows temp files

Temp files are usually created by the installation of new software. The software uses the Temp files folder as work space during the install. Unfortunately, many programs do not go back and clean up the temp file after installation.

Deleting the files in your temp folder can give back the hard drive space they occupy. However, it will not give you more memory. To keep your PC running at its peak it is a good idea to delete the files in the temp folder, occasionally delete your temporary internet files, cookies and history, and then defrag the machine.

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RE: windows temp files

temp files, would that be in (local/temp) then deleteing everything in that file?

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