xbox, adobe, sonic manager

I did some cleaning up on my computer now I've got these problems.

1) it says it detects an xbox which I do not have one attached

2) I download adobe flash and it keeps telling me to install it

3) I keep getting update sonic manager and I need a CD which I don't have and when I go to uninstall sonic manager it won't because it says I already have it open.


Can anyone please help me?

Thank you,

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Re: xbox, adobe, sonic manager

What model dell?

What OS?

"1) it says it detects an xbox which I do not have one attached"  MalwaRE

2) I download adobe flash and it keeps telling me to install it"  MalwaRE

Q110838: How Do I Disable the Update Service for an Application?

The Update Service is a tool that InstallShield sells to software vendors that is designed to help you keep your software up-to-date. Keeping your software updated has many benefits, but InstallShield recommends that software vendors build in an option to disable automatic update checking. If you are using an application that uses the Update Service, your application may have a configuration option to disable update checking. Please check your application’s menu options.

If your application does not have this option, InstallShield has created a tool called the Update Manager that can disable automatic update checking. The Update Manager utility lists all applications currently using Update Service on your computer and the Update Service's status with that application.


You may already have the Update Manager installed. If Program Updates is listed in your Start menu, then the Update Manager is installed. Go to the To disable an application instructions below. If you do not have the Update Manager installed, follow these instructions to download and install it:

Download and install the Update Manager:

  1. Download the Update Manager utilityand save it to your Desktop.

  2. Double click setup.exe and follow the instructions to install the Update Manager. The Update Manager opens.

To disable an application, follow these directions:

  1. Open the Update Manager by clicking Start > Programs Updates.
  2. Select the Update Settings tab.
  3. In the list of available updates:
    • Select the check box for any program for which you want Update Manager to check for updates.
    • Clear the check box for any program for which you do not want Update Manager to check for updates.

Additional Information

Note: It is highly recommended that you enable the Update Manager and check for updates for all applications at least once a month. All automatic checks for updates performed by the application will end silently and will not access the Internet.

If an application's status is Unknown, then the updates cannot be disabled from the Update Manager. Please contact your application's vendor for further details on how to disable the updates.

If the Update Service is disabled for an application and you manually attempt to check for updates, you will see a dialog stating "Update Service is disabled."

Last Modified Date: 02-03-2009 ID: Q110838

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Re: xbox, adobe, sonic manager

Sorry. Its an Dimension E510 and OS is Windows XP


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Re: xbox, adobe, sonic manager

If you don't have anti-virus installed, I suggest you get Windows Security Essentials -- it is free for validated Windows installs.

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