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xps 8500 power issue

My 15 month old xps 8500 suddenly shut down.  Fan not running power button won't restart syste.  I replaced the power supply with no results.  Amber led on mother board steady.  Is there any way to test the power switch module.

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RE: xps 8500 power issue

Hi ,

If you have replaced the power supply and still the system is not working properly, it can be an issue with the system board.

Try using a different power outlet.

Also, try turning on the system after removing all external peripherals.

If the issue persists, remove internal components one by one and try turning on the system to isolate the system.

Please refer to the service manual for removing the internal components.


NOTE: Internal components are to be removed and replaced by a professional only.

Thanks & Regards
Manshu S

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RE: xps 8500 power issue

I am having the same problem.  Green light @ PSU, Amber on Mobo.  No power on with switch.  This seems to be happening quite a bit.  Any updates on a fix for this?

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