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xps 8700 audio very very faint

I recently purchased the Dell xps 8700 and I have an older set of Polk Audio Speakers that worked just fine on the Dell Dimension 4400 as well as if I plug them into a small cd player but when plugged into this computer the audio is barely there and I have checked to make sure that it is set all the way up (yet I did not have to do that with the Dimension 4400).  I have run the PC Diagnostics and I can barely hear anything out of the speakers then either.   I have checked the connections and have the jack plugged into the lime green port (2 rows of 3 audio connections and it is plugged into the center / green port that is located on the bottom row)  

Can someone please tell me why I can barely hear anything when the speakers are plugged into that port?  I tried running the Diagnostics using all of the other ports and the only port that I get anything at all out of is that lime green port.

As I said, I know that the speakers are working since they were working just fine on the Dell Dimension 4400 and in an small portable cd player.

I was going to go out and purchase another set of speakers but since the speakers work in other devices  I honestly don't think that is the issue.  Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

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RE: xps 8700 audio very very faint

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