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xps 8700 no boot device available

Someone please help if you can

I have a ~2 year old xps 8700. originally purchased with Win 8.1, free upgrade to Win 10. It has been running fine until about 2 weeks ago.

Starting getting a "no boot device available" message followed by SATA messages.

If I run diagnostics - they run without any errors.

What makes it really interesting is that if i pull the power cord to the case and then plug it back in, the machine then boots just fine. It runs for a few days and then fails to boot again with the same message - no boot device available.

I saw an old post about a corrupt bios?

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

Dell xps 8700, 2T, 16G Ram, WIN10.

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RE: xps 8700 no boot device available

Unfortunately the bios trick only worked for a few days and I ended up having to replace the HD. Once the drive was replaced the issue went away and it has been smooth sailing for the last 6 months or so with no other problems. Hope this helps Spoke. My advice, if you are going to replace it yourself (out of warranty or whatever reason) go with a 7200 or higher drive speed if you are going with a normal Sata HD or go with an SSD and don't forget your mirror software if you don't have a copy of the original software. I would do a complete backup of everything onto Disc or Flash drive (flash being preferable) then do a copy of your factory install discs, also on Flash drive.