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xps 8910, is there a way to connect thunderbolt?

Just bought a new Presonus Quantum interface with thunderbolt, only problem, I had no idea my xps 8910 didn't come with that connection or support.  Is there any way to add something like a pci card to get thunderbolt connection?

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RE: xps 8910, is there a way to connect thunderbolt?

No.  There is NO SUCH THING as a PCI or PCI-E thunderbolt card as an Addon.   If there were then old systems like the Precision T3400 and T3500 could "add them".  TB AIC cards DO NOT WORK AT ALL if they don't have the Motherboard Header and Display port Wrap thru cables. The The PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL is USB3 which the 8910 has. There is also the https://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-192

The PreSonus® Studio 192 USB 3.0


 People are confused by this because they ignore the cables to the THUNDERBOLT HEADER on the motherboard, and the Display port Wrap thru from the OUTSIDE back to INSIDE.  If your motherboard chipset does not support thunderbolt there is no way to add it.  The header and Display port come from the PC to the thunderbolt card which acts as a mounting bracket and power connection for the card.

Furthermore the slot that this card works in is SPECIFIC not just any slot on the motherboard.



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RE: xps 8910, is there a way to connect thunderbolt?

I see that, I have the 192 and the dp88 and studio one 3.5.1 pro.   It works just fine on my system.   Luckily the place I got the quantum from is taking it back no problem.  Just don't have an extra 5k to throw at a new comp right now, and would probably be best to wait and see with the quantum since it is brand new and would like to see all the bugs fixed before I go back there.   Thanks for the reply