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zinoHD 410 eSATA not working?

Does anyone have info as to how to resolve issues around the eSATA ports not detecting eSATA drives?  I have a new Vantec nextstar cx NST-300su-bk that works just fine eSATA on my dell laptop, but nothing on the zino.  I have read some comments on various web sites suggesting that the zino does not have true eSATA ports. 

My zino is the latest bios A03, I have even tried setting it to ATA  and the default ACHI but either way the bios will not detect the eSATA hard drive.  Again the eSATA hard drive works with no problems on my laptop but not on my zino.


Does anyone have an eSATA on your zino?  If so which one.  What bios is your zino?  Is your zino ATA or AHCI?



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Re: zinoHD 410 eSATA not working?

Hi, The Zino work well with the ESATA, but there is a tiny design detail that was missed:

- The plastic bezel is over the connector and can't allow the cable and connector to fully interconnect.

There 2 solutions:

Solutions found on the forum, You take a knife and cut the bezel so the cable can fully insert in the connector or you remove the bezel completely (from the forum)

Here is my own solution since I did not want to damage in any way my Zino box: I decided to modify my ESATA cable, by taking a carpet knife and remove about 1/8" on the border (the edge that touch the case), so the cable can be inserted further into the Zino. I took a pen and marked the end of the connector, to recognize that end is belonging to the Zino. Work 100% now.

Also just be aware that the connector is NOT a hot swap connector, you have to connect the drive to the Zino and power it before starting the Zino.

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