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I own a 4 year old Dimension 4700 system running Windows XP.  It has an NVidia graphics card and SoundBlaster audio.  Because of a problem that caused constant crashing of Windows I had to rebuild the system from the ground up.  Part of that process requires the download and installation of several drivers from the Dell Website.  The drivers I was told to download are the Chipset driver (R79695), Network (R78727), NVidia R(91822), and Audio driver (R94481).  The first three drivers downloaded and installed just fine.  The Audio driver downloaded OK but when I attempted to install it, it stopped with a message that said "the audio driver files do not support your computer hardware".  What I want to know is, is this actually the case or has there been some sort of malfunction.  Is this driver actually required for the Dimension 4700 or not.  The audio in the system seems to work but there is a lot of static noise being heard which I did not have before.  Can anyone help me with this?  I can't get Dell to talk to me anymore unless I give them some more money.  My experience with their tech support hasn't been all that good in the past so I'm a little hesitant to throw good money after bad and end up without info I can trust.  Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.

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Re: Audio Driver for Dimension 4700 system

The ONLY audio driver on the Dell downloads is for the Integrated (on the motherboard) ADI 198X sound.  There is no download on the Dell downloads for a SoundBlaster sound card. 

Can you confirm that you actually have a separate PCI sound card and what model it is.  If it is a Dell supplied SoundBlaster you should have received a separate driver disc for it. 

Also, if it is a SoundBlaster, it sounds like Windows tried to install some generic or incorrect sound driver.  If this is a SoundBlaster Audigy 2ZS sound card that Dell supplied with some models, you can download the drivers from the Creative (SoundBlaster) web site.


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Re: Audio Driver for Dimension 4700 system

The AUDIO category does not exist on the Dimension 4700 support page - at least not for the unit I am currently servicing, S/T -

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  I jumped over to the Dimension 4600 page and got the drivers that I needed but perhpas the lack of  the category on the Dim 4700 page is what led to this question.


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