Audio Not Working "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

The message I receive when I Right-click on my IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. This is under the  Device Mgr, 'Sound, video and game controllers.



This Device cannot start. (Code 10).


When I click on Advance Volume Controls a window pops up with the following message,  "There are no active mixer device available."


Another message I receive when I look within the Legacy Audio Drivers and Right click Properties, 'This device is working properly', yet there is no Driver Tab.


I have downloaded from the Dell site both drivers R124105 or the Sigmatec and R158714 drivers. Neither of which were successfully installed so I have uninstalled the downloads. When I try the Dell Download Mgr within Add/Remove Programs, I am informed that there are no files needed. As stated in the title the message I receive when I go to, Control Panel> Sounds Speech & Audio > Sounds & Audio Devices and look at Volume, I see No Audio Device, then looking under the Sounds Tab > Sound Scheme > nothing is selected. And when I choose Windows Default and choose Asterisk or any other selection under Program Events to listen to a system sound, I do not get the Play button highlighted. And finally when I click the Audio Tab nothing is highlighted under any of the following Sound Playback, Sound Recording or MIDI music Playback. Also under dimmed lettering reads in all 3 cases, No Playback Devices, No Recoding Devices and No MIDI Playback Devices.

If I could just figure out how to uninstall or install what is missing, but I have spent considerable time at this with total failure as my result.


No sounds except for a teeny tiny Windows error sound coming only from within the pc itself, not the speakers. My speakers work on another pc and another pc's speakers which work do not when plugged into this one


Dell E520

 is the PC Code on the back

Background, some time ago when the pc was at another location they had to reintall the entire system software. Now that disk cannot be found. Would it be wise to go to downloads and jsut start from scratch? And if so the system download at this Dell site is only 3MB (roughly) not hardly enough I would think. Or I could just Restore my System. Any thoughts?

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Re: Audio Not Working "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

First, edit your post and remove the service tag number, that is forbidden on the forum. 

I see it's a Dimension E520, what Operating System?  XP?  Vista?

Generally Code 10 indicates the drivers are not installed.  However since it had a reinstall most likely the Intel Chipset Drivers (for the motherboard) were not installed.  The chipset drivers define (identify) the devices on the motherboard and If the chipset drivers are not installed the sound cannot be installed.  On a new install the correct and required install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install chipset drivers (3) Install device drivers such as sound, video, ethernet, etc.

On systems that the chipset drivers were skipped usually installing the chipset drivers will allow installing the sound drivers.  In a few isolated cases it will take a complete and correct sequence reinstall. 

There are different Intel Chipset Drivers on the Dell downloads for XP and for Vista, select the driver for your OS. Downloads 

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