Battery problem on GX280

I came across the following Dell article related to bad grounding using Belkin surge protectors: "Alert!! System battery voltage low" error message is displayed on a Dell™ Dimension™ 5000, 8200, 8250, 8300, or XPS computer"

I'm getting the same message on my Optiplex (and am using a belkin power strip).  Does anyone know if it's the same issue or do I reallly need a new battery?  (No ref at all in manual about a battery/location/type, etc.????)  The computer is only about 6 months old.




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Re: Battery problem on GX280

Not the same issue, I beleive. Call Support, 1-800-822-8965, and tell them the message
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Re: Battery problem on GX280

Hi there,

i am from a company with about 500 optiplex machines, some of which are gx280's. i have found on about 6 machines they are giving a message of a low battery, i will keep on looking into this.


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Re: Battery problem on GX280

Sometimes cleaning the contacts for the battery holder with a dry cuetip is in order.
The battery does not get recharged so it may need replacing.

OVERTLY HOT environments and dusty environments can short out the battery and reduce its life to a few months or less.

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