Chipmunk sound

I have an optiplex GX150 and all sound in my computer sounds like the chipmunks. All sound is sped up does any one have advice on how to fix this problem? I have tried everything.
Thanks Ed Sullivan

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RE: Chipmunk sound -nt

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RE: Chipmunk sound

Thank you for visiting Dell|Talk. I think this is a Windows 2000 specific issue, and the reinstallation of the motherboard chipset driver should correct it. Please click here for reinstallation instructions, or contact Dell Technical Support for personalized assistance.

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Re: Chipmunk sound fixed!!

I have had this problem for months, finally, with no help from dell, i fixed it myself. My soundcard is a Sigmatel STAC 975x ac97. I downloaded the file ' Vinyl_AudioCodec_v620b_M ' from http://www.epox.nl/downloads/drivers/products/?product_id=406
and manually installed the file ' vinyl97.inf ' from the WDM folder to replace the sigmatel audio driver. It said a few things about this file not being signed by xp but i continued, and it worked!!
This is a driver for a different card but it cured the problem for me, this driver also worked on my desktop computer's Avance ac97 soundcard, so i hope it will work on a few more.
XPS gen2
1gb RAM
GeForce 6800 Ultra (with nvidia's beta 81.87 driver installed)
17" Widescreen
Sigmatel ac97 Audio (with vinyl v.620b codec driver installed)
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