Computer Broken? HELP!!!

I was watching a movie on my Inspiron 8600, P 1.5 ,512 Ram, 60 gig Hdd, when I lifted it up to move something on the table, when i pt it down i accidentally banged it on the table, as i was holding it with one hand. The comp. froze, then went to bluescreen, saving it was shutting down to avoid damage to the system. It was also dumping physical memory. Then it tried to reeboot, came to the "DELL" screen, where i could press F2, F12, then said it was unable to start the operatingsystem (Win xp). What hAVE
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Re: Computer Broken? HELP!!!

You would get a better response to your problem by posting it over in the Inspiron-General Hardware forum.  This forum is for the Dimension line of desktops from Dell.
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