Computer shuts down IMMEDIATELY after connecting to internet

Dear All,

I have an Optiplex GX110 system on Win 2K. It shuts down immediately after I connect to Internet, thru Ethernet cord.

At the startup, it comes up with two messages. (without internet connection)

1. A blank SVCHOST command prompt.

2. A pop window that says "Cannot find the file 'mmall.exe' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available".

Not sure what are they.

Once these messages appear, I view the event viewer and this is what I am seeing.

Type: Error

Source: Service Control Manager

Category: None

Event ID 7026

Description: The following boot-start on system start-drivers are failed to load






Type: Error

Source: W3SVC

Category: None

Event ID: 105

Description: The server was unable to refister the administration tool discovery information. The administration tool may not be able to see this server. The data is the error code.

Not sure what these errors are and how to resolve these errors. I looked in the MS knowledge base, but couldn't understand much.

Is it some kind of virus or some drivers missing? If so, how to resolve these errors?

Can some body please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Computer shuts down IMMEDIATELY after connecting to internet

Sounds like you have a lovely piece of spyware / virus.  Do you have a spyware removal program and is your anti-virus up to date? 
That just addresses one of the error messages that you are getting.  Until that issue is cleared up it can be difficult to address the shutting down issue.
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