Cursor gets stuck

My mouse cursor seems to get stuck in some areas of the screen and Its done it since new 2 months ago. They replaced the mouse, its not dirty inside, any clues as to what causes this? I have a dimension 8100

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RE: Cursor gets stuck

If the problem is resolved by picking up the mouse and moving it to a different area on the mouse pad, the mouse pad itself may be the cause of the problem, and you may want to try using a different one.

If the mouse cursor freezes or stutters intermittently, you may want to try eliminating programs starting up in the background that could be causing problems. Go to START | RUN, and in the Open box type "MSCONFIG" and click OK. Click the Startup tab, and remove the checks to nonessential programs, or programs that you do not use normally. Click OK, and restart when prompted. You can continue removing items (except for ScanRegistry, LoadPowerProfile, and SystemTray) until the problem clears up.

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