DVD Drive will not stay closed

System = Optiplex 740

DVD Drive = TSSTcorp H653 Version G

Problem = DVD drive tray stays open, when propted to close either by pressing the eject button or pushing the tray is closes breifly but opens again seconds later. 

Have updated BIOS to 2.2.4, loaded latest firmware for drive, re-seated power and data leads, re-imaged machine.

I imagine the drive itself is faulty as it has the same behavious even when the system is in the BIOS setup rather than Vista O.S.

Logged with Dell Support, however this issues has occured on another machine in our fleet, possibly a manufacturing fault?

Appreciate suggestions of any other troubleshooting ideas.

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Re: DVD Drive will not stay closed

Replace the Drive.  If it's still under warranty contact Dell Support for a warranty replacement.  

You may want to repost this in the Disk Drive section of the forum (the forum section for CD/DVD drive problems) in case there is some addtional info on this model.

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Re: DVD Drive will not stay closed

The only addition I can add to firebird would be to take the front bezel off the system and see if the issue persist in the bios. Back in the old days, with the putty-colored Dell systems, I've seen systems where a not-properly seated cover could cause issues with CD-Roms and/or floppy drives and inserting media. Alternatively, take the drive out of the chassis, hook up the powercable and power up the PC. If it still inserts and ejects the tray, you're definitely looking at a bad drive.

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