DVI to VGA adapter for Optiplex GX620

I just purchased Dell's video card upgrade for the optiplex GX620, and the card only has a DVI port for a monitor. But my monitor is VGA only. So, I bought a DVI to VGA adapter at Radio Shack but to my dismay the DVI end doesn't fit on the video card. Does Dell use some non-standard DVI connector? If so, where can I get a DVI to VGA adapter that will fit this card?
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Re: DVI to VGA adapter for Optiplex GX620

I assume you have the USFF chassis size, as the larger ones have VGA ports by default with a DVI expansion card option, where the USFF has a DVI connection by default, but you can buy a VGA converter dongle/cable option.

One trick is to go to the regular dell site, build a new system (GX620), and pay attention to the videocard. Be sure to select the VGA option for the videocard (the other options are completely irrelevant for this, so I'd just leave those as they are). Continue to the checkout, and there is a details tab or so (and from here there is another 'details' option to actually see the SKUs). Look for the SKU for the DVI-VGA part and you should have the Dell partnumber (SKU) for the converter.

Then go to sales or spare parts and ask to buy that one partnumber.

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Re: DVI to VGA adapter for Optiplex GX620

Some cards are NOT DVI.

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