Dell 537 MT adding graphics card

Want to add PCI video card so I can get dvi output on a Dell Inspiron 537 MT  midtower desktop running Win7 x64.

On install Win7 x64 installed generic driver, works ok on vga but not

Installed latest driver after download from video card website
PC won't boot past the desktop graphic in normal mode, I just get the wallpaper, but no functionality. As if the system is hung up. You have to power down to recover from this, won't respond to keyboard.

I can get basic vga video in safe mode only.. This looks like "standard vga graphics adapter" in display in Device Manager.

Can't get the dvi output to work with my monitor, and no advanced
display settings from video card are available. Is there a way I can get DVI working on
my desktop pc?

I have tried both an AMD Radeon card and an Nvidia Geforce 8400gs cards with the same results.

I see no way to turn off internal graphics in the bios, there is just a choice between a preference for PCI or internal. It is now set to PCI (the default).

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Thanks, Andrew

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Re: Dell 537 MT adding graphics card

I got it working, not really sure how I did it.

But, I think what worked was I rebooted into safe mode, and ran the Nvidia driver install again (2nd time) as admin. 

I rebooted and it got to a normal desktop, and the dvi now works. Yeah.

Maybe I had to show the motherboard I was serious? 

Well, if anybody has a better explanation, I am happy to hear it.



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