Dell Dimension 5150 Video Controllers

I've had to format the hard drive & reinstall Windows XP onto my sons Dimension 5150 desktop PC. Everything appears to be fine except for the graphics which are slow & jerky. In DEVICE MANAGER I've got yellow exclamations at Video Controller & Video Controller (VGA compatible). I've tried everything, scoured the web, Dell Support, etc, but can't seem get the drivers. I don't have a Recovery Disc and I'm obviously unable to access the original recovery part of the Hard Drive. HELP?

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Re: Dell Dimension 5150 Video Controllers

I have a Dimension E510 which is identical to the 5150.

When you reinstalled, did you install the Intel Chipset Drivers?  They are an often overlooked item and they are important to get all the devices working or working properly.  The correct install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install Chipset Drivers (3) Install Device drivers including the Dell sound drivers, Video Drivers, Ethernet, etc.

If you skipped the chipset drivers, install them now and then the missing device drivers. 

Which video driver you need depends on which video you have, the basic integrated (on thye motherboard) video or an optional video card. 

HERE are the 5150/E510 Driver downloads.

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