Dell Precision T7400 CPU Compatibility

Hello All

Does anyone know of a complete CPU compatibility list for the Dell Precision T7400 (possible quite an early model)? I've managed to find one for the T7500 (a technical guide) but I can't find the same for the T7400. I am begining to suspect the issues I have in getting a barebones T7400 up and running may be due to a BIOS incompatibility. Unfortunately as I can't get the system to boot (it immediately shuts down with no video) I can't tell what the current BIOS version is.

The chips I have tried are:

Xeon X5472 (3GHz)

Xeon E5345

but the chassis won't boot. It could still be a total motherboard failure but everything else (RAM, PSU) has been swapped out to no avail.

I'm wondering if I purchase the lowest specification compatible CPU, get the chassis running and then update the BIOS I could then upgrade to one of the above CPUs.

Any assistance that can be given would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




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Re: Dell Precision T7400 CPU Compatibility

Hey Anthony,

I am a Dell "Gusher" but recently I've also become disheartened by Dell's lack of ability to provide CPU compatibility lists for some of their machines, specifically this one!!

I have a T7400 with a n Intel Xeon E5420 and it runs nice but I want to get the best matched pair of CPU's I can afford, AND look at all the options on Craigslist and eBay... but I can't get Dell to give me a comprehensive CPU compatibility list either!!

I got this from Dell Chat (which doesnt list my current CPU:

Harpertown Xeon Processor Service Kit, X5450
3.3GHz Harpertown Xeon Processor Service Kit, X5470
3.33GHz Wolfdale Xeon Service Kit, X5260, 1333
3.4GHz Harpertown Xeon Service Kit, X5492 .
3.4GHz Wolfdale Xeon Service Kit, X5272

Another thing I do to see if the CPU I am considering is supported is go to eBay and search "T7400 E5420" or "T7400 X5450" etc and if you find a T7400 listed as having that CPU then you are most likely OK.. I have found that there are some very CHEAP dual core Xeons listed on eBay for about $10+ with free shipping and I searched those and wouldn't you know it... there are some T7400 workstations for sale with those processors running in them!!

This is a round-about way to get the info you want.. Too bad Dell is not making it easier for us!!

P.S. I love Dell though Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Dell Precision T7400 CPU Compatibility

OK, second try... Hey Dell.. please get in here and help us out... we just need a full list of Supported CPU's for the T7400 computer... we're getting the run-around..  and I hear crickets in this forum.. chirp.... chirp... chirp... Love your hardware! love your support website.. but where's the info? Need the info... My first try at this comment was deleted due to the use of a pretty benign word that even I allow my 7 year old to use... starts with a B and ends with TT that is meant to describe a rear end..

Best regards

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RE: Dell Precision T7400 CPU Compatibility


I dont know if this will be any help but here goes i have a Precision T7400 myself and i can verify the the T7400 will run wit 1 or 2 Xeon X5460 3.16 Ghz Quad core processors Hope this helps

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RE: Dell Precision T7400 CPU Compatibility

Any of the following processors (which includes the X5460) should meet the requirements for the T7400's chipset:


BIOS should surely be at the latest to expect these to work.

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