Dell Studio 540 Fan Speed

When I first got my PC my CPU? Fan would occasionally get bursts of activity during gaming or heavy usage.  Not sure when but It has stopped boosting itself when stressed and my PC has started Overheating and shutting itself down during gaming.  How can I get the fan to start doing what it is supposed to do again?  I checked the bios and there weren't any options for fan speed there. Also the motherboard for the 540 doesn't come with any options that allow a program like Speedfan to adjust it for me.  Help would be appreciated.  I know I could always just buy a more powerful constant fan but I would rather not spend the money if I don't have too.  Thanks

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Re: Dell Studio 540 Fan Speed

Check the fan connection to the motherboard (actually reseat the plug).  If that doesn't do anything it could be the fan may be failing.  I don't know about this specific model but many Dell's have a Dell proprietary fan that also has a temperature sensor on the fan.  Another possibility is the thermal paste between the CPU and heatsing has been "compromised" and needs to be replaced or the heatsink has come loose and not making proper contact with the CPU. 

Several things for you to check.

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