Dell Vostro 200 - hard drive reinstall question

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Have a few Vostro 200 E2160 in a retail operation.  Recent break in left one with a non-responsive hard drive - making not great sounds during boot up and no OS found.  Have the original disks and the support doc at Dell re: manual reinstall of OS.  But is there a problem in replacing the drive with something not exact?  is there anything in the recovery CD's that would key only to the drive supplied?  If so is there another recommended procedure for recovery to a new drive?

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Re: Dell Vostro 200 - hard drive reinstall question


There should be no problems, you can use any brand of 3.5", 7200rpm SATA internal hard drive.

The Dell Reinstallation disc, is the same as the retail copies, except that it is tied to Dell's BIOS.



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