Dell XPS-210 (no audio sound)

On my dell xps 210 I have no sound.

When i go into the control panel under sounds and devices, it said no audio.

How do i get my sound back?

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Re: Dell XPS-210 (no audio sound)

First, do not double post, second edit your post and remove your personal data - the Service Tag and your e-mail (we do not respond directly to e-mail's) as that is forbidden by the Terms of Service for the forum.

Have recently reinstalled Windows and the reason the sound is missing?  Or have you recently uninstalled or installed some new updates or programs? 

First thing would be to reinstall the Dell Sigma Tel sound drivers.  HERE is the download for the XPS210 with the standard integrated (on the motherboard) audio and Windows XP.

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Re: Dell XPS-210 (no audio sound)

Thank you very much, it is now working

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RE: Dell XPS-210 (no audio sound)


Me neither

Nothing "new" ... NO sound ... No sound DEVICE found

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