Dell XPS 8500 keeps going into monitor sleep mode after new BIOS update

Hi there, I just got the new BIOS update the other day and every time I plug something into the usb ports or even if I, say, am doing something that requires admin permission, the screen will turn black and the message on my monitor (Dell LED Full HD) "monitor is going into sleep mode" and the power led goes from white to orange.  I haven't used it much since the update so I'm sure it will happen with other types of activities too so don't get too caught up on what I do when it happens.  I then have to hit a key or move my mouse, like always, wake it back up and continue my work.  It's not a huge deal but kind of annoying and I didn't have this issue before the BIOS update, thanks for your time.

TJ Mac.

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Re: Dell XPS 8500 keeps going into monitor sleep mode after new BIOS update

My new 8500 has BIOS A06 and a few days ago I started getting the same screen blanking when plugging/unplugging USB devices. I haven't noticed it lately though.

This morning the Dell Support Center program informed me that a new BIOS was available, version A09. I clicked the Upgrade button, but nothing seemed to happen. I realized it opened a Browser window (Firefox) and wanted to download the new BIOS. No instructions on what to do though. So after searching Dell's online I find this article: www.dell.com/.../xps-8500.

The description at the top gives these installation instructions:

"This file format consists of a BIOS executable file. To use it, download the file and copy it to a DOS-bootable diskette. With the diskette in the floppy drive, reboot the system and run the program."

Yes, there's better instructions below on the page, but how many 8500s do you think shipped with a floppy disc drive? The support program is also lacking. Many novices wouldn't know what to do after clicking the upgrade button. It's suppose to be a critical update, but it looks like it's mostly for Windows 8. I need to find what the previous, if any, BIOs like A07 or A08, are suppose to fix.

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Re: Dell XPS 8500 keeps going into monitor sleep mode after new BIOS update

Just download the file to your desktop, doubleclick on it and follow the instructions.  No DOS disk required.

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