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I reformated my hard drive and reinstalled the operating system. How do I get the dell logo back on to the system properties in the control panel
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Cris Riley

RE: Dell logo

I don't have the files, but you need OEMLOGO.BMP and OEMINFO.INF (you will probably have a blank one of these) in your C:\Windows\System directory. If you have access to another Dell, you can just copy them. Or perhaps you can get them from someone else on the board.

Or, you can make your own. Anything you want.

OEMLOGO.BMP can be made with any graphics program and needs to be about 150 x 100.

OEMLOGO.INF can be edited in notepad and needs to have the following lines:

Manufacturer=Dell (or whatever else you want it to say)

Hope this helps,

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RE: Dell logo

kharish did you ever get anyone to e-mail you these files? I also would like to have them.
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RE: Dell logo

You can get the DELL logo .bmp file and other niceties courtesy of Dave Dykhuis. Go to his web page here. For the logo click on the downloads then drop down to the OEM Stuff and get the oem.zip file.

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RE: Dell logo


The logo displayed on the Properties Sheet General tab requires two files to work properly. Both of these files must be located in the \Windows\System folder. Chances are that your reformat destroyed both of these files since they are created by the OEM that built your computer (i.e., Dell), not by Windows.

The first is the image file itself, oemlogo.bmp. The second file is oeminfo.ini. This file contains the Dell support information that is displayed when you click on the 'Support Information' button on the General tab.

Here's the catch, and this is important. BOTH of these files are required to display the logo. So you can't just put the image in the folder and expect it to display. Also, a dummy file named oeminfo.ini with no data in it will not work either.

oeminfo.ini is simply a text file and here is the format it uses:


[Support Information]

Just insert text between the quotes and leave a line blank to create space where you want it. You need not use 10 lines, mine only has 8. I have also tried it without the quotes and it does not seem to matter, but I use them.

Also, if you want to customize your system you can use your own logo image instead of Dell's. It must be a bitmap, 180 pixels by 114 pixels, and named oemlogo.bmp.

If you need the Dell oemlogo.bmp contact me via email at ronfleischer@home.com and I'll send it to you.

Good luck,

Ron Fleischer
Mesa, AZ
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