Dell precision t3400 contant reboot after XP install

Hi all, i have a problem that is really starting to get to me. Ok, we got this new t3400 in and what we normally do at my job is install a fresh OS install with out volume license key. Well initially i got a bsod when ever i tried to install XP and figured out that i needed to slipstream the SAS drivers and SATA drivers to get the OS to even install. Well got that figured out and the OS now installs. But after its done installing and reboots for the first time the system doesnt even get to the windows XP logo and reboots every time. Ive tried messing with settings in the bios and slipstreaming diffrent drivers, nothing. The only thing that works is using the Dell windows xp install cd, but that cant use our volume license cd key. Also the system boots fine if you run safe mode. 


Please if anyone can help me with this one it would be much appreciated.



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Re: Dell precision t3400 contant reboot after XP install

If as you say you can get into safe mode then the most likely issue is a driver. While in safe mode look at the event logs for items at the time of shut down as when there is a controlled shutdown it should write which driver is having a problem or is unloading into the log.


Incidentally why the need to use the volume key, is it a diferent version of XP?

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