Desktop PC will not boot up (blinking orange light)

I have a Dell Dimension 510 desktop PC that I bought in 2006. Obviously warranty expired on this system. For the past month, I am facing a strange problem. Whenever I shut down my PC (meaning completely power off) and reboot it will not reboot. There is a blinking orange light in the power button. (slow blinks)


I opened the case and thought dust settled inside the PC may be the problem. I cleaned the system up nicely and still it wouldn't boot up. The slow blinking orange light will go on for hours but the system will not boot up. The green LED  light was on near the power supply in the mother board.


I unplugged all the cables and plugged it back, but still didn't work. I tested the power supply as mentioned in the following link and the power supply seems to be good.



As a final option, I removed the small battery that is in the mother board near the green LED. Now the LED near my Power button started blinking orange light fast. After about a minute of pressing the power button, the PC booted up. While the computer is on, I carefully put the small battery in the mother board closed the case.


So whenever I accidentally shut down my PC or due to power failures, I boot my PC like this.


1) Power it down,

2) Remove the case

3) remove the small battery in the mother board

4) Power it on (orange light blinks fast)

5) wait for few minutes while pressing the Power button

6) PC boots up.

7) I slid back the battery and close the case.


Its really weird to do all these things to just get the PC started. I paid like $800 bucks for this piece of junk. It didn't even last a year. I called the support and they couldn't care because I don't have an extended warranty. Support won't even help me over the phone to diagnose what's going on. So I've turned to this forum for some hlep.


Will changing the small battery do the trick? Based on the above conditions and my PC's  signature below  can some one help what is going on? What do I need to change to get my PC boot normally after powering off.  I really want to shut down my PC at nights to save some energy. Thanks




Dell DM051

Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz

2.92 GHz

1024 MB

XP Pro 5.1.2600


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Re: Desktop PC will not boot up (blinking orange light)

 A new battery is a cheap thing to try. But, typically a blinking amber power button is a sign that there's an issue with the power supply. See the manual 

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

for further info and suggestions.




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Re: Desktop PC will not boot up (blinking orange light)

I agree that the power supply  is your likely culprit.

Dell makes lots of money off of extended warreties because most user will have trouble diagnosing their problems and do things as going through all that effort instead of fixing it.

The power supply takes a lot of punishment from surges yet most people have little to no help in the form of surge protection. That $5 or $10 strip does little to help.

Get a new supply, a good one and a good surge suspressor and happy computing.

Ironically, a new supply and surge unit will be less than the warrenty price 

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Re: Desktop PC will not boot up (blinking orange light)

RoHe: I am aware of the link that you had sent me which describes about system lights and machine beeps. But there is nothing in that says conclusively about what is wrong whether its the Power Supply or there is something that is fishy with the mother board.

Here is the content from that link


Blinking amber:
A power supply or system board failure has occurred.
Check the diagnostic lights to see if the specific problem is identified. Also, see "Power Problems" in your computer Owner's Manual.


The above really confuses me. Is it a PSU or mother board? I was really hoping that some one can point me in the right direction based on my PCs symptoms (first post).


As tr4 suggested I can go ahead and buy a Power Supply and replace it. My only concern is what if the problem still continues and I am stuck with another power supply which is not going to help me. I am fairly comfortable with the opening of case and replacing parts.


All I need is a step by step diagnostics to figure out what is wrong with my system based on the causes/symptoms of my PC (based on my first post). If its indeed a problem with the mother board then I can throw the junk in the trash and buy a new PC. If its a PSU then I can buy one. I guess it cannot be as simple as this.


By the way I do have a Surge Protector and I still have those isssues. From a quick search on this forum, I find there are pleanty of folks who have this issue. I think its an inherent problem with these models. I wonder what Dell is doing to address this issue.




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Re: Desktop PC will not boot up (blinking orange light)

Ok heres a good way to isolate it.

unplug the computer

Open the case

Pull out the ram

Pull out all cards

Leave the power connected to the harddrives and opticals. at this point

Plug the computer back in

Push the power button.

Pay attention to the button light, listen for beeps, listen and look at the Fans and harddrives and opticals see if they spin up.

IF no beeps and the button has not changed and the fans and the drives spin up the ps is proably good and its either the motherboard or the procesor..go with the motherbord.

If anything changes then further ts is needed..

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Re: Desktop PC will not boot up (blinking orange light)

An experienced tech may or not be able to tell if they had it in front of them. We may notice something but most of the time, the most likely item substituted is the best way.  over the internet, we have second hand info. You may have a good enough friend that will loan you a compatable power supply to try. You may want to pay a pro who has spare parts to properly diagnose.  You may just want to buy a new machine.

No matter what you do, it is going to cost you. Even buying parts that can be returned is an option for you.


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Re: Desktop PC will not boot up (blinking orange light)


See here and here.


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Re: Desktop PC will not boot up (blinking orange light)



I totally forgot about the "Floppy Seek" while booting up. I get that too and I am getting it only after I had the blinking amber (orange?) problem. So this issue is more prevalent than we actually thought and all the symptom are very alike.



I saw both links. Although I am not sure how much help it is. One essentially talks about Warranty (and mine expired) and the other about replacing mother board.


When I initially called up Dell, they refused to help me if I do not pay a consulting fee. I think its unfair for this problem which seems to be common among the many users. Is there any Other Dell Customer service center in the DC metro area that I can take my PC for a check up.


I am fairly comfortbale in opening up the case and cleaning the PC with compressed air but  changing the mother board and the front control switches is a different animal. Even if I could do it I do not have time. PC is just a toll for my profession not the profession itself (like some of the folks in this board). So any other help?


Moral of the story either way out of this. Don't buy a cheap Dell PC (or any other) bcoz they are giving cheap. There is always a catch.

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