Dimension 4700 Won't Start-Up - 4 Long Beeps


So I finally got the drivers to install on my Dimension 4700. It was working fine 3 months ago, it was booting up. I didn't touch it for 3 months, it's been sitting. Now it won't boot up. Right when I push the power button it starts beeping. It beeps 4 times and the fan sometimes speeds up really fast. The monitor never notices that the computer is on. I don't know what could've happened, I didn't touch it in the three months, and it's been sitting behind me. Maybe by carrying it I loosened something inside? I can't open the case, I've tried. It just won't open. What's wrong with it? What should I do? Thank you!
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Re: Dimension 4700 Won't Start-Up - 4 Long Beeps

The beep codes are listed here <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

See if you can identify your code.

If not, I would first reseat all cards, cables and the RAM. Sometimes that will help.


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