Dimension 5150 Audio

I just got D. 5150 system so I loaded it up with XP and some software for my daugther. The sound come out fine when I bootup and shutdown. The problem is audio from the DVD rom. So I open it up, and see no audio cable for the DVD rom drive I have an extra and attach it to the DVD rom drive but the motherboard doesn't have nothing to attach to other end...

The drivers are load right and I get sound from the OS side...

So am I not seeing it, can someone tell me where is the audio port to plug in the DVD rom drive cable on the motherboard. Can that be right no audio port on the motherboard for the DVD rom drive.

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Re: Dimension 5150 Audio

I have a Dimension E510 which is the US domestic version of the 5150.

CD/DVD drives use "Digital Audio" (via the IDE Ribbon I/O cable) in XP and Vista.  They do not use the old separate analog audio connection.

The first thing, since you did a new install is the required install sequence which is (1) Install Windows (2) Install Intell Chipset Drivers (3) Install Device Drivers such as Sound, Video, communications, etc.  And you should only use the Dell SigmaTel audio drivers due to the Dell custom implementation.  If you let Windows install the sound drivers either they will not work or not work correctly.

Check the Device Manager and verify that "Use Digital Audio" is checked for the CD/DVD drive(s).  The Device Manager can be accessed by holding the Windows key down and then pressing the Pause/Break key. 

If you didn't install the chipset drivers (and that is an often missed critical item) , install them now and then install the Dell SigmaTel sound drivers.  In most cases that will get the audio working or working properly.  In a few isolated cases it takes a new and correct sequence install to get everything working properly.

If you don't have all the drivers, HERE is the Dell downloads. 

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