Dimension 8400 - Sound Drivers

Hi all,

I've recently been working on breathing life into my old Dimension 8400.  (Mainly because I'm cheap and don't want to spring for a whole new system.)  Got some fresh RAM, a new(er) video card, and to top it off I just did a fresh wipe of the hard drive and installed Windows XP Professional (SP3).

All devices are now installed properly EXCEPT the sound card.  I'm still trying to lock down the sound, and I've got a big old yellow alert next to the "Multimedia Audio Controller".

I don't have the disc that came with the computer (this was bought seven and a half years ago after all).

I tried downloading the Audigy 2ZS drivers from Creative (saw this in a previous thread).  Didn't work.

I've checked over a halfdozen older threads on similar issues, but I've never seen any of them come to resolution.  To head off a question that gets asked a lot - yes I did install the chipset drivers.

Is there any way out for me?



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Re: Dimension 8400 - Sound Drivers

Power off. Open the case cover and remove the sound card. Tell us the part number and the SB0 number on the card.

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Re: Dimension 8400 - Sound Drivers

Along with what Chris posted, the first thing do you have a separate sound card or do you have the basic Integrated (on the motherboard) audio?  Where is the speaker connections located? on the motherboard I/O panel or in the lower expansion card area? (where it would be if you have the optional SoundBlaster).

When doing an install the Intel motherboard chipset drivers MUST be installed BEFORE installing any sound drivers.  If the motherboard chipset drivers were skipped you won't be able to install any sound drivers.

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Re: Dimension 8400 - Sound Drivers

Turn off the Onboard Audio in bios and go to the store and get a $29 soundblaster PCI card.

DELL soundblaster cards DO NOT Often work with the Generic Creative Labs drivers.

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Re: Dimension 8400 - Sound Drivers

This Soundblaster has the Dell-type connector for the front audio: www.newegg.com/.../Product.aspx

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