Dimension 9100 Hangs on BIOS Boot

I have a Dimesion 9100 with Intel Dual Core Processor and 1gb of memory. The PC was working fine and up and decided not to boot. Upon power up it tries to boot but hangs during bios boot. I get lots of different indications on the front but it finally settles out with just the 1 and 4 lights lit (which is not listed in the advanced troubleshooting docs). It makes it about 90% of the way up the progress bar and halts. No other errors or indications. I have noted that during the boot my keyboard and mouse remain dark (both are usb and the mouse is a laser). Anybody have any ideas on where to look? Power Supply? Mother Board USB? Any help would be hot  
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Re: Dimension 9100 Hangs on BIOS Boot

I would focus on the motherboard and would strip it down to the bare minimum (remove all cards, disconnect all drives and peripheral).  Try pulling out the RAM too.  That should give you a diagnostic with only the 1 light on.  Then try adding just one RAM module back and see what you get.



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