Dimension E310 Blue Screen Problem

Hi, I recently bought a Dimension E310 and it has been repeatedly crashing with a variety of blue screen errors.  I have spent over 8 hours with Dell Tech Support and we have done pc restore twice and ran tests on the hard drive and memory twice and the blue screen errors always return.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  I have run out of patience with the outsourced Dell Technical Support.  It seems that they follow their script and do not deviate from it.
If anyone else has had this problem and fixed it, I would love to know how.  Dell is also refusing my request to exchange the bad CPU for a new one.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Blue in Alabama
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Re: Dimension E310 Blue Screen Problem

Is this a brand new machine? If so, maybe you should return it.

What are the BSOD error codes?

Have you added any hardware or was it always this way? If you changed something recently, try system restore if you can.

As one example, my brother had a 4550 that went to the BSOD everytime he booted up. Reseating the memory, cards, drive cables fixed the problem. I would start there.

Also, try running the Dell diagnostics and memtest86+. Bad memory can cause a wide variety of problems.

Does safe mode work?

Good luck,
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Re: Dimension E310 Blue Screen Problem

Robot Mad

Hello gamecokphd.

 Ask  to talk to a Supervisor do not let up if it gets to much do you live in uk or else where then contact your citizeans advice bureau to get advice if dell refuse to get your problem sorted.So if nothing shows errors on your diagnostics tests then it is software related. When i tried to add a 3rd party Firewall to my computer I got The Blue screen of Dell, so I uninstalled the software, end of problem, what have you done to add anything to you computer to get this check what is said on the blue screen and write it down if nothing works then send a letter to Dell to go to the company near where you live. Robot Very HappyRobot Very HappyRobot Very Happy

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