Entering Power Save Mode - Always

I've just received a new Dell XPS 420 with specs below.

It ran fine for about 2 hrs and when I left it alone for ~30minutes I came back to find that it had entered power save mode ... that meant nothing on my screen. I couldn't get anything back on the screen even with a reboot.

The screen message I get is -

Auto Detect (2Smiley Very Happyigital Input)

Entering Power Save Mode 

I called the Dell Help Desk and they got me to disconnect all the power and start from scratch (as if I had just unboxed it).

It ran fine for another two hours and it has gone back into "Power Save Mode"

It tells me to "Press computer power button or press any key or move mouse"


Any clues to get my brand new PC into a useable state?   


Dell XPS 420

Quad core 2.4 Ghz cpu
4 Gb of memory
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS video card 
Dell 22" SP2208WFP Monitor

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Re: Entering Power Save Mode - Always


Get it running and disable all of the Vista power management features, then, test it.

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Re: Entering Power Save Mode - Always

Sometimes the monitor is in a power saving mode because the computer has crashed.  What color is the power indicator in this mode?  Is it blinking?



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Re: Entering Power Save Mode - Always

In reply to both the previous suggestions. And I do thank you both for your input.

Before the Dell support call the power button blinked. After the reinstall it doesn't.

The dilemma is that I have to go through the whole re-install (disconnect all the cables, hold down power button for >10 seconds, reconnect cables, start PC whilst holding down F8 key etc. etc.) every timethe machine does it's "Power Saving Mode".

There were a couple of posts in another forum stating that the graphics card, in particular the one that I have, has been an issue and having it replaced with a upspecced one solved the problem.

Begs the question, if that is correct, why would Dell install a flaky card? Or do they not QA their machines well enough?   

I will try to get it started and try Chris_M's suggestion.

Nonetheless it's a little disappointing to buy a new PC and have this sort of thing happen, especially when it has not been tampered with .... no additonal hardware or software - straight out oo the box from Dell.

Off to work now. I'll check to see what other offerings there are in ~14hrs.   


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